Finding The Little Girl Inside Me

The Tie Dye Poet’s first book “Finding The Little Girl Inside Me” is now on Amazon!  The book is available as an ebook and a paperback!  If you are interested in a signed copy, contact the author at

This is the very first book written and published by The Tie Dye Poet.  This took a lot of very hard work and courage to write and publish, including being able to put something so very personal ‘out in the world’  at all!

Book Description:

All her life, she could never understand why she felt ‘off’. She never felt like she ‘belonged’. Her teen years were very rough, but she couldn’t remember anything of significance. Over time, she married, had children and eventually went to college. Throughout those years, she couldn’t shake a feeling of uncertainty and what she later realized was anxiety and depression.
What happened in those early years that rippled into her adult life? Why did it affect her, even when she couldn’t remember anything? How could she answer these questions?
Then, at 62 years old, terrifying memories suddenly and inexplicably came back.
Journey into the mind of a trauma survivor with The Tie Dye Poet, expressed in deep, vulnerable poetry. Follow her story of trauma and recovery, from defeat and suicide attempts, to her boldness and courage in sharing with others her triumphant story of success against the odds!
Many people who have heard these poems have related to her journey, and the emotions expressed within.
Maybe you’ll find something that speaks to you too.

Reader Reviews:

“We don’t always get to choose when our healing journey begins. For some of us, it smacks us over the head — which is what happened to the author when traumatic memories came back to her. The author’s book is what happens when you turn traumatic experiences into art. Her recovery journey, and the poetry that came out of it, will surely inspire others who are walking a similar path.”
 – Sarah Schuster, writer and former mental health editor at The Mighty

“Finding the Little Girl Inside Me is beyond powerful. Childhood trauma can have lifelong consequences and the author’s vulnerability and courage are Emotional, Raw, Real and Heartfelt.
We can genuinely feel her turmoil through memories, her will to survive and her ongoing fight with the burdens she carried. From guilt and pain to her path to forgive and take back control, she is protective of us as readers, giving us some insights about what is about to come so that we ourselves won’t be re-traumatized by our own demons. When the Author starts to have a breakthrough and re-experiences trauma in her mind over and over again, it’s both exciting and frightening. What more will she have to go through? I went from anger, shock, fear, worry and empathy to becoming her cheerleader!
There is no magic wand when facing childhood trauma, but the Author proves that even when we are in the depths of despair, we deserve and can have a future of happiness and fulfilment. This book of poetry is going to change lives!”
 – Lynn McLaughlin, Podcast Host and Author 

“I am awe-struck with the clarity and descriptive ability of this writer to explain and describe her journey of trauma and recovery.  This is an absorbing dive into the mind and experiences of an abuse -survivor who has intensely fought to find healing and grow into wholeness.  Her determination is an inspiring testimony of the power of therapy and spiritual renewal and balance.
The positive ending is helpful for the reader to see the growth, even though the path of growth is not linear, but winding, with “ups and downs, and lefts and rights”.  Determination and perseverance are the key qualities for this growth.”
 – JWP

“I am just stunned. I am so impressed by the author’s progress and the way the she’s been able to articulate the journey. It is so close and personal to her, but I also related to many parts myself. I think her book is going to be an important resource for me, and other survivors of child abuse and depression as well as self-harm and suicide.”
 – Laura Resurreccion, Artist and Writer

“This book perfectly expresses the pain, anguish, and disappointment of childhood trauma while also giving the hope of healing.”
– Lois Fisher, RN

“The Tie Dye Poet has managed to capture the atrocities of being the victim of abuse, while allowing family and friends to gain deepened insight into the mind of the abused.  The transparency and raw honesty of this endeavor, (although sometime horrifying) is necessary to address the healing process of the abused and the understanding of friends and family.  The author’s faith has allowed her to use the most difficult experiences in her life to aid not only abuse victims, but also friends, family and therapists that are able to love and support her and others through the healing process. Thank you to the author for putting your heart and mind on paper, as this book will be life changing for many people!”
 – Rosalie Hetzner

“The author’s vulnerability and heartfelt words allow readers into the world of someone recovering from the trauma of sexual abuse.  She gives hope to fellow survivors that with proper processing, support and inner reflection one can bring sunlight to the darkness of their past.”
 – Joylynn Foli

“This raw and real collection of poems really is about Finding The Little Girl Within.  It’s an honest and captivating look at being human, bringing memories to life in a way that connects strongly with the reader.  Difficult to read at times because of the topics involved, I was compelled to keep reading as it touched on a wide variety of emotions, which surprised me.  An interesting and inspiring book about beating adversity and working through tough times in life!”
 – Tracey Regan, Author, Editor, Publisher